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#47: CoKoCon 2023


I put together another Greatest Hits package for CoKoCon 2023 because I'd started in 2013 with a Phoenix science fiction/fantasy convention and now it was 2023 with this likely the last Phoenix science fiction/fantasy convention because CoKoCon was ending, CopperCon was long gone and LepreCon wasn't likely to happen again.

So everything was old but I deliberate chose variety, whether for content, for which convention I'd first screened these at and for timespan across the 46 previous events. Black Gulch dates back to Roadshow set #1 and Bill & Maggie's Intergalactic Taxi Service to the previous one, #46.

Short Film Set #1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Black Gulch 2003 15:05 Michael Strode University of Southern California USA AL IMDb
2 Exoids 2012 5m Aristomenis Tsirbas Gnomon School of Visual Effects USA IMDb Vimeo
3 Logan Must Make Star Wars 2014 5m Nathan Blackwell Squishy Studios USA AL IMDb Vimeo
4 Steam Speed 2014 4:44 Andrew Ledenev Digital Light Studio Belarus YouTube
5 Trick Meter 2015 4m Simeon Duncombe Opus Fresh Apparel Co New Zealand IMDb Vimeo
6 Superfuzz 2013 4:20 David Towles-Moore David Towles-Moore Arizona IMDb YouTube
7 Daug dienų 2017 5:32 Irena Kunevičiūtė Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys Lithuania Vimeo
8 Death by Scrabble 2014 4:39 Luke Davies Luke Davies UK IMDb Vimeo
9 Dorothy's Dream 2015 2:48 Lane Kwederis Lane Kwederis USA YouTube
10 Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service 2017 9:59 Jonathan Leiter Jonathan Leiter USA IMDb YouTube

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