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#44: CoKoCon 2022

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CoKoCon was back in person in 2022 so I put together another set of new sci-fi films. I'd only screened one from this set before and that only in Utah.

What I programmed were films that had played my full film festival, the Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival, and, in some instances, won awards.

Short Film Set #1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Splat! 2020 1:05 Romain Revert Romain Revert France YouTube
2 Uprising! 2020 14:11 Ben Hansford Monumental Pictures USA IMDb
3 N 2018 13:41 Iacopo di Girolamo Iacopo di Girolamo UK IMDb
4 Conspiracy Party 2019 7:55 H. Nelson Tracey Key of I Films USA IMDb YouTube
5 Pinki 2018 10:40 Spike Hyungsun Kim Spike Hyungsun Kim South Korea IMDb YouTube
6 Troll Bridge 2019 15:54 Daniel Knight Snowgum Films Australia IMDb YouTube
7 Ellipsis 2021 22:11 Jorge Corpi Corpi Arte Digital Mexico IMDb

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