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#38: CoKoCon 2019

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CoKoCon 2019 (cokocon.org) is the second year of a convention in Phoenix which I founded and alternately co-chair, so I was too busy to do more than one Apocalypse Later Roadshow set.

For it, I programmed roughly the same set that I'd put together for LepreCon 45, swapping in The Gunfighter for Visage but leaving the rest as is. This is because the LepreCon set happened during a power outage so I was unable to screen everything I'd planned and what I did was far from optimal, with the audience crowding around the screen of my laptop, which was running on battery. Conditions were, shall we say, much better at CoKoCon!

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 The Gunfighter 2014 8:49 Eric Kissack Six Shooter Films USA IMDb Vimeo
2 The Shipment 2018 24:29 Simon Biggs Once Were Farmers
Studio Temba
3 Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame 2018 16:39 Marisa Martin Enemies of Reality Films Australia IMDb
4 McDonough 2009 2:14 Kyle Stephens Wingsuit Pictures USA IMDb YouTube
5 Daisy Belle 2018 11:14 William Wall Halo Cinematic USA IMDb
6 The Ningyo 2017 27:02 Miguel Ortega half M.T LLC USA IMDb Vimeo

Last update: 15th February, 2020