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#10: FearCon de los Muertos!

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FearCon de los Muertos! is a unique con in my Apocalypse Later Roadshow history, because it was programmed predominantly from submissions. I'd been a fan of Phoenix FearCon for years and was honoured when Jim McLennan asked me to program a couple of short sets for him at the biggest FearCon yet.

I added a few extras too that I'd been wanting to screen for a long while but hadn't had the opportunity to program horror: Plush, The Woodman and the American Woman and Hellytubby.

Set 1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Night Mare 2014 4m Juan Carlos Camardella Juan Carlos Camardella Argentina Vimeo
2 Sometimes It Comes 2013 12m Félix Llorente El lobo ameno Spain IMDb
3 Martyn 2013 4m Francesco Picone Smallmovie Italy IMDb Vimeo
4 Dust Jacket 2013 15m Kenneth Miller Cool Wave Pictures
18669 Productions
5 Plush 2011 11m Ryan Denmark Third Star Films USA IMDb
6 Ghost Light 2014 20m P J Germain American Film Institute
Ragnarok Pictures
7 Waterborne 2014 10m Ryan Coonan Veritas Entertainment
Octopod Films
Australia IMDb Vimeo
8 Special 2014 11m Mikeal Burgin Okapi Pictures USA IMDb
9 The Woodman and the American Woman 2013 17m Jesús Hernández NYSUfilms Spain IMDb

Set 2

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Hellytubby 2012 2m Matt Iseminger Conquistador Cats USA YouTube
2 Cowboy Ben 2014 9m Jon Shaikh
Scott Rawsthorne
Diamond Bullet UK IMDb
3 Tin & Tina 2013 12m Ruben Stein Producciones Doñana
Nirvein Films
Spain IMDb
4 The Heebie-Jeebies 2014 9m Todd Slawsby Dust Bunny Films USA IMDb
5 Night Guards 2014 12m Marko Marinković Marko Marinković Serbia
6 Mr Dentonn 2014 9m Iván Villamel Harmonica Films Spain IMDb
7 Sector C-17 2014 2m Tim Mattson Roaming Studios USA
8 Helsing 2013 21m Ryan Johnston Art of War Pictures USA AL IMDb
9 Bar Talk 2013 9m Lowell Northrop Munka Tunka Films USA IMDb Vimeo
10 Roulette 2013 17m Dídac Cervera ESCAC Films Spain IMDb

Last update: 14th February, 2018