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#6: Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival 2014

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I'd been covering the Jerome Indie Film & Music Film Festival as press and joined Toni Ross's team as a screener and judge. In 2014, I also collated all the Arizona sci-fi films that I'd screened at previous events and screened them, with a couple of new ones in the room above the Jerome Fire Station.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Red Sand 2012 14m Caleb Evans University of Advancing Technology USA AL IMDb Vimeo
2 The Duel 2012 2m Robert Garcia Jump Ship Productions USA AL IMDb YouTube
3 Black Gulch 2003 15m Michael Strode University of Southern California USA AL IMDb
4 Secret Identity 2011 12m Tyler MacIntyre Infinite Lives Entertainment USA AL IMDb Vimeo
5 The Wishing Skull 2013 9m Ben Juhl Dirt Capsule Films USA AL IMDb YouTube
6 Gadget 2012 3m A. J. Young Scottsdale Community College USA IMDb Mindplate
7 Logan Must Make Star Wars 2014 5m Nathan Blackwell Squishy Studios USA AL IMDb Vimeo
8 Terminus 2014 13m Angel Ruiz Angel Ruiz USA AL
9 Present Tense 2013 7m Jaz Garewal Jaz Garewal USA AL IMDb YouTube
10 Heart Pumping Oil 2014 9m Ben Juhl Dirt Capsule Films USA IMDb YouTube
11 Closed Quarters 2014 12m Bonnie Sowle Toast Productions USA IMDb YouTube

Last update: 14th February, 2018