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#5: LepreCon 40

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The first time I hosted an Apocalypse Later mini-film festival was at LepreCon 39 in May 2013. That means that when I reprised the event with entirely new material for LepreCon 40 in May 2014, I was celebrating my first year as a programmer. I did so officially at the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival in mid-June when I re-screened each of the local sci-fi shorts that I've screened at various events over the year.

I'd learned a lot by this point and while I was still including a feature in my programming, I'd only do that once more and then for a special case.

This was a reasonably international set. Three were local Arizona shorts, with two more from elsewhere in the United States. The UK, the Netherlands, Israel and Greece also contributed a short film to round out the set. The feature was also American, a 1973 picture in the public domain called Idaho Transfer, directed by no less a name than Peter Fonda.

The theme of LepreCon 40 was '50 Shades of Green', which was tough to follow, but it did give me the opportunity to include films as diverse as Evergreen and Idaho Transfer It also gave me a fun introductory image, because the first thing the theme conjured up for me was muppet porn.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Logan Must Make Star Wars 2014 5m Nathan Blackwell Squishy Studios USA AL IMDb Vimeo
2 Trial of the Mask 2013 13m Cory McBurnett
Bill Reichardt
40+BC USA YouTube
3 Terminus 2014 13m Angel Ruiz Angel Ruiz USA AL
4 Timeholes 2013 2m Ben Mallaby Berry Cinema
Grey Area
UK IMDb Vimeo
5 The Secret Keeper 2011 18m Bears Fonté College and Main USA AL IMDb
6 Present Tense 2013 7m Jaz Garewal Jaz Garewal USA AL IMDb YouTube
7 Elephants Dream 2006 11m Bassam Kurdali Blender Foundation Netherlands IMDb Vimeo
8 Sight 2012 8m Daniel Lazo
Eran May-Raz
Bezaleal Academy of Arts & Design Israel IMDb Vimeo
9 Evergreen 2006 14m Iphigeneia Kotsoni Tetragonismeno Tetragono Greece IMDb YouTube


# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Idaho Transfer 1973 86m Peter Fonda Pando Company USA IMDb YouTube

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