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#4: Wild Wild West Steampunk Con III

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I couldn't have picked a better location for my first event outside the Phoenix metropolitan area: the Saloon set at Old Tucson Studios for Wild Wild West Con III. I found myself introducing short films on the stage to a crowd sitting in seats where almost every western legend in history had shot at least one film, from John Wayne to the Three Amigos. I felt amazing!

Wild Wild West Con is a dedicated steampunk convention, so all my films were steampunk films. I'd been given three 45 minute sets, one per day, so I worked from different programming for each. Day one was an entirely animated set, day two was live action and day three was a comedy and musical set, full of oddments and music videos, many of which tied into the event's special guests, such as Professor Elemental and Thomas Willeford.

As with DarkCon, this was a notably international set, with films from six countries, including Russia, Norway and New Zealand (the Kiwi film was made by a man who works at Weta Workshops). Only a couple of films were made in Arizona, but I didn't have time to do a Q&A.

Animated Shorts Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 A Gentlemen's Duel 2006 8m Sean McNally
Francisco Ruiz-Velasco
Blur Studio USA IMDb Vimeo
2 Legacy 2012 5m Adam Floeck Adam Floeck USA IMDb Vimeo
3 Airship Dracula 2012 8m Adam Roberts Fourth Wall Studios USA IMDb Vimeo
4 Invention of Love 2010 10m Andrey Shushkov HHG Film Company Russia IMDb Vimeo
5 Consurgo 2009 4m Tom Hankins
René Hoekstra
Gijs van Kooten
Colorbleed Studios Netherlands Vimeo
6 High TNT 2013 5m Kevin McGuiness Kevin McGuiness Canada IMDb
7 Sprocky Spittoon 2013 5m Veronique Chevalier Weird Val USA YouTube

Live Action Shorts Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 The Deadliest Game 2011 7m James Cunningham Media Design School New Zealand IMDb Vimeo
2 Gadget 2012 3m A J Young Scottsdale Community College USA IMDb Mindplate
3 Tinkerbell 2011 5m Nicholas Humphries Vancouver Film School Canada Vimeo
4 The Anachronism 2010 15m Matthew Gordon Long Anachronism Pictures Canada IMDb Vimeo
5 The Wishing Skull 2013 9m Ben Juhl Dirt Capsule Films USA AL IMDb YouTube
6 The Watchmaker's Son 2008 8m Brandon McCormick Whitestone Motion Pictures USA Vimeo

Musical and Oddities Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 The Legacy of Atlantis 2010 11m Ola Røyseland Røyseland Fiction Compagni Norway IMDb YouTube
2 The Spectro-Hypno Budget Booster Goggles 2009 1m 8Fish USA YouTube
3 Lady Has Bustle 2013 3m Katherine Stewart Desert Rose Theatre USA YouTube
4 The Gyroscopic-Guided Graphical Genius Glove 2009 1m 8Fish USA YouTube
5 Steampunk Style 2013 6m Thomas Willeford Brute Force Studios USA YouTube
6 The Stupefying Galvanic Brainstorm Accelerator Helmet 2009 1m 8Fish USA YouTube
7 I'm Steampunk and I Know It 2012 5m Daniel Austin Cracked Monocle USA YouTube
8 The Mega-Blaster Client Attitude Adjuster Ray 2009 1m 8Fish USA YouTube
9 I'm British 2012 3m Moog Gravett Professor Elemental UK YouTube

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