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#35: LepreCon 45

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My seventh year bringing the Roadshow to LepreCon turned out to be one of the most memorable, because of unforeseen circumstances. I was just connecting up my laptop to the projector when the power went out. We later discovered that someone had driven into a transformer, which took not only his own life but all power from the entire block.

Once it seemed clear that power wasn't going to return quickly and a few bad jokes weren't going to fill a 90 minute slot, I took the approach of making this an even more intimate experience than usual by running the show on my laptop, with its fully charged battery.

Films like The Shipment, the new film to the roadshow, and The Ningyo deserve the biggest screen possible but they played well to a handful of enthralled audience members watching on a tiny laptop screen.

Time constraints, caused by the power outage and wait to see how long it would last, prompted me to drop a couple of films from the set, namely Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame and Daisy Belle, so I screened four films, two of them accounting for fifty plus minutes of the set's running time. I don't know yet if I'll reschedule those for next year's LepreCon or for this year's CoKoCon.

Short Film Set #1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 The Shipment 2018 24:29 Simon Biggs Once Were Farmers
Studio Temba
2 Visage 2017 9:35 Jackson Tobiska
Blake Hodges
Jackson Tobiska USA IMDb
3 Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame 2018 16:39 Marisa Martin Enemies of Reality Films Australia IMDb
4 McDonough 2009 2:14 Kyle Stephens Wingsuit Pictures USA IMDb YouTube
5 Daisy Belle 2018 11:14 William Wall Halo Cinematic USA IMDb
6 The Ningyo 2017 27:02 Miguel Ortega half M.T LLC USA IMDb Vimeo

Last update: 23rd April, 2019