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#33: Gaslight Steampunk Expo 2018

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I presented one 90m set at Gaslight Steampunk Expo 2017 and I was due to present another one this year. However, another presenter cancelled and I was happy to fill that freed up time slot with a second 90m set.

Gaslight's theme was 'tiki' this year, which was wonderful but gave me a sum total of zero films to screen. I chose instead to theme the first set around love and invention, with the second a musical set to wake everyone up on Sunday morning.

All these films were new to the Gaslight audience (I'd scheduled Caravan for Gaslight Gathering a few years earlier but ran out of time so hadn't screened it). Three were new to the Roadshow, all of them animations, including what may have been the North American première of Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame, done in the style of an animated pop-up book.

Set #1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 1900-2000 2013 6:04 Caroline Le Duff
Gabrielle Locre
Agathe Pillot
Armelle Renac
Benoît Berthe
Vivien Risser
Supinfocom France IMDb Vimeo
2 Love in the Age of Steam 2017 8:39 Karen McCarthy Karen McCarthy USA Vimeo
3 Entre les Lignes 2015 5:20 Emmanuelle Remy
Lorenn le Bec
Christelle Alion
Nolwenn Eve
Tom Cascoli
ArtFX France Vimeo
4 Della Mortika: Carousel of Shame 2018 16:39 Marisa Martin Enemies of Reality Films Australia IMDb
5 Tea Time 2014 9m J. Derek Howard Noble Knight Media USA IMDb YouTube
6 Ruby's Skin 2014 13m Claire Tailyour Slackwire Films UK IMDb Vimeo
7 The Mad Clockmaker 2013 4:44 Ari Feblowitz Dodge College of Film and Media Arts USA IMDb Vimeo
8 The Ningyo 2017 27:02 Miguel Ortega half M.T LLC USA IMDb Vimeo

Set #2

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Eternity 2013 10m Zac Blair Stake New Zealand Vimeo
2 Theo's Blues 2017 7:19 Cliff Sarde CE Productions Arizona IMDb YouTube
3 McDonough 2009 2:14 Kyle Stephens Wingsuit Pictures USA IMDb YouTube
5 The Tale of the Rat That Wrote 1999 14m Billy O'Brien Film 4
British Film Institute
Irish Film Board
IMDb Vimeo
5 Flying 2013 9m Zac Blair Stake New Zealand Vimeo
6 1873: The Insidious Intrigue 2013 18m Steve Ziolkowski Chronophotograph Studios USA IMDb Vimeo
7 Caravan 2014 6m Katherine Stewart Jeff Hunt Band USA YouTube
8 Doctor Glamour 2011 15m Andrew W. Jones Never Knows Best USA AL IMDb
9 Homecoming 2013 7m Zac Blair Stake New Zealand Vimeo

Last update: 8th September, 2018