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#30: LepreCon 44

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LepreCon 44 almost didn't happen a number of times, but it got there and I reached mini-film festival #30 at the convention at which it all began back in 2013.

I hosted two 90m sets. The sf/f set mostly contained new material to the Roadshow, but finished up with a long overdue screening of Monty and the Runaway Furnace in Phoenix. Because of projector issues, I didn't play Quinn Thomas. Without a theme, I went for variety, so none of these films are remotely like each other. The steampunk mostly featured films that I've screened elsewhere but hadn't yet screened at a local sf/f con. The one new film here was The Mad Clockmaker.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Escape Pod 2016 3:43 Wesley Jamal Fleming Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts USA IMDb Vimeo
2 Shiner 2014 10:10 David Lilley Creative England UK IMDb Vimeo
3 The Problemless Anonymous 2016 13:45 Gary Roberts Pixels & Celluloid UK IMDb Vimeo
4 Southern Nights 2017 5:44 Nathan Grady Price Nathan Grady Price USA IMDb Vimeo
5 The Lost World of Avian 2014 9:30 Gary Mirabelle Non Stop Stop Motion USA IMDb Vimeo
6 Quinn Thomas 2016 14:52 Alex Turvey Warm Up/Edition USA Vimeo
7 Monty and the Runaway Furnace 2016 32:50 Joe Taranto Loyola Marymount University USA IMDb

Steampunk Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Steam Speed 2014 4:44 Andrew Ledenev Digital Light Studio Belarus YouTube
2 Theo's Blues 2017 7:19 Cliff Sarde CE Productions Arizona YouTube
3 Entre les Lignes 2015 5:20 Emmanuelle Remy
Lorenn le Bec
Christelle Alion
Nolwenn Eve
Tom Cascoli
ArtFX France Vimeo
4 Steamwrecked 2017 17:33 Christopher Matista Dodge College of Film and Media Arts USA IMDb
5 The White Wolf 2015 9:12 Andrew Fogel LoS Productions USA IMDb YouTube
6 The Mad Clockmaker 2013 4:44 Ari Feblowitz Dodge College of Film and Media Arts USA IMDb Vimeo
7 Love in the Age of Steam 2017 8:39 Karen McCarthy Karen McCarthy USA Vimeo
8 Corset 2015 30:00 Olga Twighlight Twighlight's Lodge Russia IMDb

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