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#29: Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 7

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Old Tucson Studios is the best convention location I've ever experienced. It's a Wild West town and, even though we didn't have use of the Arizona Theatre this year, it's hard not to thrill when presenting films in the Saloon where so many films were shot.

This was my fifth year programming steampunk and Victoriana for Wild Wild West Con and I had a fantastic long short to anchor each set. Friday's finished with the gorgeous Russian film, Corset, which I'd screened at Gaslight Steampunk Expo the previous year and was very happy to bring to Tucson. Saturday's was The Ningyo, to which I'd given my Festival Director's Award at ALIFFF 2017. As Sunday was the only day I was in the Courthouse and thus could lock down to an 18+ audience, the featured short then was Creatures of Whitechapel, a Victorian horror that's like the Frankenstein story told through the penny dreadfuls rather than the gothics. It won Best Horror Short at ALIFFF 2017.

Chris Matista came out from San Diego to promote Steamwrecked, which I was happy to bring to Tucson; he had his own dedicated screening as well. Sean Oliver and Kevin Kittle were there from Theo's Blues too, though not when I screened it.

Short Film Set #1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Theo's Blues 2017 7:19 Cliff Sarde CE Productions Arizona YouTube
2 Love in the Age of Steam 2017 8:39 Karen McCarthy Karen McCarthy USA Vimeo
3 Corset 2015 30:00 Olga Twighlight Twighlight's Lodge Russia IMDb

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Entre les Lignes 2015 5:20 Emmanuelle Remy
Lorenn le Bec
Christelle Alion
Nolwenn Eve
Tom Cascoli
ArtFX France Vimeo
2 Man vs. Woman 2006 14m Juan Carlos Vargas JCVS Films USA IMDb Vimeo
3 The Ningyo 2017 27:02 Miguel Ortega half M.T LLC USA IMDb Vimeo

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Steamwrecked 2017 17:33 Christopher Matista Dodge College of Film and Media Arts USA IMDb
2 Creatures of Whitechapel 2016 25:31 Jonathan Martin Bohemian Industries USA IMDb

Last update: 6th March, 2018