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#28: BasisCon 2017

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BasisCon is the new name for BASIS Mesa Comic-Con, at which I presented a 45m set for kids last year. I did the same this year with new films.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Night Light 2012 1:14 Qing Han Sheridan College Canada Vimeo
2 Flight of the Melvin 2011 7:23 Paul DeNigris University of Advancing Technology Arizona IMDb
3 Féerie 2013 6:22 Bryan Lim Xin Yu Singapore Polytechnic Singapore Vimeo
4 Tink! 2015 2:54 Ava Sawicka School of Visual Arts USA Vimeo
5 Time Trap 2013 7:46 Michael Shanks LateNite Films Australia IMDb Vimeo
6 Danny and the Wild Bunch 2014 5:25 Robert Rugan The Rugan Concept USA IMDb Vimeo
7 Better Not Pout 2017 8:40 Adolpho Navarro N'Raged Media Arizona
8 Superfuzz 2013 4:20 David Towles-Moore David Towles-Moore Arizona IMDb YouTube

Last update: 6th March, 2018