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#26: Westercon 70

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I've presented a couple of Apocalypse Later sets at Westercon before (that was Westercon 68 in San Diego) but, as it's a regional convention that's run by different non-profits in different states each year, each Westercon is thoroughly different. This one was especially different because I was the vice-chair and I found myself juggling a lot of hats.

This was also the first sci-fi set that I've programmed since I started my own genre film festival, the Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival. I ended up using three short films from that, as well as Flight Fright, which was a bonus there, plus a couple of other films I've used at previous events. Three Creative Commons licensed shorts that I've never screened anywhere before completed the set.

Westercon 70 was also LepreCon 43 and I usually program two sci-fi/fantasy sets and a steampunk set for them. Because of all those hats, I kept myself to one set this time out, but included sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Friendlies 2016 5m Steve Kopera Chapter 3 Media USA IMDb YouTube
2 María Fernanda in Time 2015 9m Xavier Pijuan Escola de Cinema de Barcelona Spain IMDb Vimeo
3 Mask of Vengeance 2016 13m Cory McBurnett Unruly Mile USA IMDb YouTube
4 Denmark 2011 6m Daniel Fickle Two Penguins Produtions USA IMDb Vimeo
5 They Will All Die in Space 2015 15m Javier Chillon Misterio Spain IMDb Vimeo
6 The Gold Sparrow 2013 13m Daniel Stessen Artbelly Productions USA IMDb Vimeo
7 Citizen 2014 15m Dale Driver Blue Ridge Films USA IMDb Vimeo
8 Flight Fright 2015 6m James Politano Dreamlook Productions USA AL IMDb
9 1500 Words 2016 9m Andrew Chaplin Andrew Chaplin UK IMDb Vimeo

Last update: 14th February, 2018