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#25: Cirque de Livre 2017

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I had a blast at writers' conference Cirque du Livre last year, programming a set of short films around the theme of books and authors, which opens up stories about stories, the power of imagination and the impact of words. That set played well and I knew I had to find some astounding films to constitute a follow-up set this year.

The venue was again the Volstead Pub in downtown Mesa, which is a coffee house. Only one film was from Arizona, The Mutable Life of Oscar Clark, which was made at Northern Arizona University. The lead actor, Jaron Druyon, kindly attended to support his film and do a Q&A after the set. Thanks, Jaron!

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Page 23 2011 5m Tim Arts
Jeroen Houben
Stefan van den Boogaard
Houben Media Verhuur The Netherlands IMDb Vimeo
2 Rare Books and Manuscripts 2005 12m Bruce Webb Whatever Pictures
Davis Productions
UK IMDb Vimeo
3 Recommended Reading 2011 7m Kenny Rigsby
Justin Reese
Chalant Films USA IMDb Vimeo
4 Book Mafia 2013 2m Sharvon P. Urbannavage Urbann(s)avage USA Vimeo
5 Danny and the Wild Bunch 2014 5m Robert Rugan The Rugan Concept USA IMDb Vimeo
6 The Extraordinary Fight of Atticus Walker and the Monster in His Mind 2010 13m Michael Karman Chimerical Pictures USA IMDb Vimeo
7 The Optimist 2015 4m John Mervin Chocolate Thunder USA IMDb Vimeo
8 One More Page 2014 9m Gary Pogue
Sam Osborne
Jay Stewart
Matthew A. Cooper
Nicholas Deary
TigerBox Studios UK Vimeo
9 Fiction Under $5 2013 11m James Dalrymple Altius Films USA IMDb Vimeo
10 1500 Words 2016 9m Andrew Chaplin Andrew Chaplin UK IMDb Vimeo
11 The Mutable Life of Oscar Clark 2014 13m Alex Thomas Northern Arizona University USA IMDb YouTube

Last update: 14th February, 2018