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#23: BASIS Mesa Comic Con

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BASIS Mesa is a charter school in Mesa and I was glad to help provide content for their four hour mini-Comic Con, especially as it was a fundraising event for the school.

As I expected that the audience would be primarily children, I put together a versatile 45m set that would appeal to children but would entertain adults too. It includes cute animations, action, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and a children-friendly horror short.

Most are familiar short films to Apocalypse Later mini-film festival audiences, because they're timeless favourites that I know play well to children, but I rejected a couple more because of their use of swearing. I replaced them with a couple of new Creative Commons licensed animations that I got a kick out of.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Steam Speed 2014 5m Andrew Ledenev Digital Light Studio Belarus YouTube
2 Trick Meter 2015 4m Simeon Duncombe Opus Fresh Apparel Co New Zealand IMDb Vimeo
3 The Clocktower 2008 2m Cara Antonelli Ringling College of Art and Design USA IMDb YouTube
4 Fists in Flight 2014 8m Adolpho Navarro N'Raged Media USA IMDb
5 Stop 2014 4m Serdar Çotuk
Buğra Uğur Sofu
Serdar Çotuk
Buğra Uğur Sofu
Turkey IMDb Vimeo
6 Lost for Words 2010 10m Sean Wainsteim NE Films Canada IMDb Vimeo
7 Quest for the Mystic Moogoo Fruit! 2006 3m Ila Soleimani Ila Soleimani Iran IMDb Vimeo
8 The Heebie-Jeebies 2014 9m Todd Slawsby Dust Bunny Films USA IMDb Vimeo

Last update: 14th February, 2018