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#22: Gaslight Gathering 6

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Gaslight Gathering 6's theme was 'all the steamy things that go bump in the night' so I was free to include a great dollop of gothic Victorian horror flavour into an otherwise steampunk set.

I brought a few favourites from Arizona cons to California, such as The White Wolf and The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden, the former being a werewolf story and the latter merging Frankenstein with Edward Scissorhands. I also included Kali 47, Mike Diva's fantastic music video, that I'd only screened in an adult set before because of its graphic violence.

The only short that I'd screened in San Diego before was The Mechanical Grave, but I'd only shown that at San Diego Comic-Fest two years earlier, so felt it was worth bringing directly to Gaslight Gathering. It's fair to say today that it has a great Penny Dreadful feel, even though it came first.

Everything else was entirely new to Apocalypse Later mini-film festivals anywhere. The response I got from them suggests that I'll be reaching back out to filmmakers to get fresh approval for other events.

I'll also continue to pursue approval for two of these, even though one is from filmmakers who no longer seem to be making films and the other is a minute long. There were many possibilities for what would be in this set, including some films that were almost but not quite completed in time and one for which the approval arrived one day late! I had to juggle alternatives with alternatives and decided to proceed with these two short shorts. If you're one of those filmmakers, I'm still trying to reach you.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Kali 47 2014 3m Mike Diva UKF USA YouTube
2 The Last Fairy 2016 7m Ben Gratton University of the Creative Arts UK IMDb Vimeo
3 The White Wolf 2015 9m Andrew Fogel LoS Productions USA IMDb YouTube
4 Silence of the Siren 2015 3m Liz McQuaid Martin School of Visual Arts USA Vimeo
5 Mask of Vengeance 2016 13m Cory McBurnett Unruly Mile USA IMDb YouTube
6 Forget Me Not 2011 3m Rachel Tejada Knife 'n' Teeth Productions USA Vimeo
7 The Mechanical Grave 2012 15m Jon Keeyes Highland Myst Entertainment USA IMDb
8 Hughbert 2010 1m Mallory Dyer California Institute for the Arts USA Vimeo
9 The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden 2013 15m Andrew Legge Restoration Films Ireland IMDb
10 Gentleman Robot: Battle Armor 2015 2m Daniel Mehrten The Foundry USA
11 Falling 2012 4m Martin Živočtí Obraski Bros Czech Republic Vimeo

Last update: 14th February, 2018