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#20: Phoenix Comicon 2016

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After many years within the Costuming track, Phoenix Comicon finally let us loose with a dedicated Steampunk track this year and Countess Chaos populated it with some wonderful entertainment. I was honoured to be part of that by MC'ing the steampunk fashion show, sitting on a host of panels and providing another mini-film festival set to follow up on last year's.

I played to a mostly full house on opening night and the audience was very appreciative.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Steampunk Doctor Who 1899 2015 1m William Mitchell Nereus Media USA Vimeo
2 The Craftsman 2014 7m Marcello Baretta Marcello Baretta Italy YouTube
3 Topsy McGee vs The Sky Pirates 2014 10m Travis Stevens Monkey Kingdom Productions USA IMDb Vimeo
4 Tink! 2015 3m Ava Sawicka School of Visual Arts USA Vimeo
5 Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo 2010 7m Joseph Gordon-Levitt hitRECord USA IMDb YouTube
6 The White Wolf 2015 9m Andrew Fogel LoS Productions USA IMDb YouTube
7 Legacy 2012 5m Adam Floeck Adam Floeck USA IMDb Vimeo
8 The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden 2013 15m Andrew Legge Restoration Films Ireland IMDb

Last update: 14th February, 2018