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#19: Cirque de Livre 2016

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Cirque de Livre is a writers' conference run by Bob Nelson of Brick Cave Media. This was its first year and it occupied a number of small independent venues in Mesa, AZ. I was a participant at the event, doing some panels, signings and even a reading, which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to do again.

My events have usually been either sci-fi, horror or steampunk, occasionally more than one at once, but this time I got to build a set around the theme of books. I located films not only about books but writers, libraries and the process of writing itself.

I screened to a small but enthusiastic audience at Volstead Pub in downtown Mesa. I've never run a mini-film festival in a coffee house, café and pub before and enjoyed the experience.

Even at short notice, Aaron Seever kindly came out to support the screening of his film, Penelope Fortesque: Romance Novelist and he brought along two members of his cast: Leslie Wall and Kasey Kempton. We had a fun Q&A with much audience participation. Thanks, folks!


# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Library 2013 3m Rose Brauner California Institute of the Arts USA IMDb Vimeo
2 The Library Book 2015 8m Travis Calvert First Shot Productions USA IMDb Vimeo
3 Penelope Fortesque: Romance Novelist 2014 9m Aaron Seever Aaron Seever Productions USA IMDb
4 The Typist 2014 2m Edward Dalton Hoax Studios UK Vimeo
5 Kevin's Book 2014 14m Lyle Carroll Light Matters Creative Australia IMDb Vimeo
6 Malaria 2013 6m Edson Oda Edson Oda Brazil IMDb Vimeo
7 Collywobbles 2013 12m Vincent Lin Valiant Pictures USA IMDb Vimeo
8 Should've Been an Engineer 2011 4m Jason Smart 48 Things Productions USA IMDb YouTube
9 Lost for Words 2010 10m Sean Wainsteim NE Films Canada IMDb Vimeo
10 Pensil 2012 3m Andrew Gooi Gooi Films USA IMDb YouTube
11 The Heebie-Jeebies 2014 9m Todd Slawsby Dust Bunny Films USA IMDb Vimeo

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