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#17: Comic & Media Expo 2015

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I was really looking forward to my two sixty minute sets at Comic & Media Expo and I had a blast in a slightly different setting than usual. I've programmed a lot of sci-fi, a bunch of steampunk and some horror, but this is the first time I've been able to filter some of the best of those films (and some new ones) into a pop culture framework.

It's not as international as some sets I've programmed (only four films come from outside the US: two from the UK and one each from Belgium and Spain), but six are from Arizona and representatives from three of those kindly attended to take part in a Q&A in between the two sets. Thanks, Adolpho Navarro (Fists in Flight), Jim and Karen Politano (Flight Fright) and Chris Bradley (Black Gulch)!

The first set is a fun, family friendly warm up: 56 minutes of pop culture comedy that explicitly references Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone and Star Wars, as well as bringing up a host of others. Each of these played really well, especially Losers which is frankly tailor made for this sort of convention.

The second set starts off in the same way with the perennial favourite, Logan Must Make Star Wars, before getting a lot more edgy, with all sorts of adult material. There's no nudity (well, one drunken man's butt for a second or two) but there's plenty of outrageous gore, swearing and dark themes, always keeping that comedic touch. I know Happy Birthday, Mr Zombie and Bad Guy #2 especially played well, because I kept hearing snorts of laughter in all the right places.

Set 1

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Japanese Doctor Who 2014 3m Joshua Kahan Joshua Kahan UK IMDb Vimeo
2 Fists in Flight 2014 8m Adolpho Navarro N'Raged Media USA IMDb YouTube
3 Secret Identity 2011 12m Tyler MacIntyre Infinite Lives Entertainment USA AL IMDb Vimeo
4 Flight Fright 2015 6m James Politano Dreamlook Productions USA AL IMDb
5 Awesome Guy: A New Identity 2011 5m Bob Marquis Sailbear Labs USA AL IMDb
6 Losers 2014 22m Carlos del Rosario Losers Television USA IMDb

Set 2

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Logan Must Make Star Wars 2014 5m Nathan Blackwell Squishy Studios USA AL IMDb Vimeo
2 Happy Birthday, Mr Zombie 2012 7m David Leclercq Professeur von Shoop Belgium AL IMDb
3 Black Gulch 2003 15m Michael Strode University of Southern California USA AL IMDb
4 Timeholes 2013 2m Ben Mallaby Berry Cinema
Grey Area
UK IMDb Vimeo
5 Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer 2010 8m Andrew W Jones Never Knows Best USA AL IMDb
6 Bad Guy #2 2014 10m Chris McInroy The Bear Media USA IMDb
7 The Woodman and the American Woman 2013 17m Jesús Hernández NYSUfilms Spain IMDb

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