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#1: LepreCon 39


My very first mini-film festival was a set of shorts and a feature at LepreCon 39 in May 2013. Bob Nelson of Brick Cave Media kindly brought me in and provided the equipment, while I put the set together and introduced it.

This one was less international in scope than I would soon explore, with only one film from outside the US and over half the films screening from Arizona (four local films and one California film shot in Miami, AZ).

That did mean, though, that a number of filmmakers were able to come out to take part in a Q&A. After the short film set, I chatted with Caleb Evans, the director of Red Sand, and Chris Bradley, the star of Black Gulch, who also fielded questions from the audience. Then they swapped out for Nathan Blackwell, who introduced his feature before it screened and talked about it afterwards. Many thanks to all of you! It was a lot of fun.


A number of filmmakers attended to support their films with audience Q&As. On the left is Chris Bradley, star of Black Gulch and Caleb Evans, director of Red Sand. On the right is Nathan Blackwell, director of The Constant Epiphanies of Billy the Blood Donor.

Short Film Set

# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 Rampage: Project Vermillion 2012 3m Justin Calen Chenn Folkloristics USA IMDb Vimeo
2 Red Sand 2012 14m Caleb Evans University of Advancing Technology USA AL IMDb Vimeo
3 The Duel 2012 2m Robert Garcia Jump Ship Productions USA AL IMDb YouTube
4 Second Chances 2013 10m Jon Ray LJR Productions USA IMDb
5 We are One 2012 5m Andrew David Clark New Road Films UK IMDb Vimeo
6 Black Gulch 2003 15m Michael Strode University of Southern California USA AL IMDb
7 The Guy Knows Everything 2012 26m Joops Fragale 386 Films USA AL IMDb Vimeo


# Title Year Length Director Company Country Review IMDb Online?
1 The Constant Epiphanies of Billy the Blood Donor 2007 120m Nathan Blackwell Squishy Studios USA AL IMDb YouTube

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